Breeding Plans

Exciting plans


Our youngsters will hopefully enter our breeding program during summer/autumn 2020 if all tests comes out fine and they continue their promosing development.


Mette ❤️ RAG n 04

We have been given the opportunity to mate Mette with a really nice and extremely good looking seal mitted. Mette will be mated when in heat, hopefully during January 2020.

Possible colors in this combination is blue and seal.

Possible pattern are high mitted bicolour and mitted.

Breeders are pre-booked.


Mynte ❤️ RAG a 04

We have been given the oppertunity to mate Mynte with a nice strong big blue mitted. Mynte will be mated once in heat and stud is ready. This will be Myntes last litter prior to retirement.

Possible colors in this combination are blue point.

Possible pattern are mitted, colorpoint and high mitted bicolour.

Breeders are pre-booked.


For more information or if you are interested in some specific combination please contact us.