Breeding Plans

Exciting plans for 2021

If our youngsters develop as expected, they will join our breeding programme once they are ready.


Our breeding programme can produce the following options:

Seals: Seal Bicolor, Seal Lynx Bicolor, Seal Mitted, Seal Lynx Mitted, Seal Colorpoint and Seal Lynx Colorpoint

Blues: Blue Bicolor, Blue Lynx Bicolor, Blue Mitted and Blue Colorpoint

Reds: Red Bicolor, Red Lynx Bicolor, Red Mitted, Red Lynx Mitted, Red Colorpoint and Red Lynx Colorpoint

Seal Torties: Seal Tortie Bicolor, Seal Tortie Lynx Bicolor, Seal Tortie Mitted, Seal Tortie Lynx Mitted, Seal Tortie Colorpoint and Seal Tortie Lynx Colorpoint


Planned – Not confirmed

Phoenix ❤️ TBA

We plan to have kittens from Phoenix this Summer. She will be mated to an bloodgroup A or AB not carrying b as she herself is A or AB carrying b.
Phoenix has the most silky coat with absolutely no matting. Her pedigree consists of many good old bloodlines and she passes many good traits to her offspring.
We look forward welcoming this year offsprings.

Smash ❤️ TBA

This will be Smash first litter and we can’t wait to see her kittens. She is an absolutely stunning female, strong in type yet not over-typed. She is from price-winning bloodlines and we are sure her kittens will be stunning. Smash carries PG lines from her father.

Pippi ❤️ TBA

Our absolutely beautiful and stunning tortie Pippi will for sure give us confident and stunning beautiful kittens. Can’t wait to welcome them.

This litter will have possibilities of red male and tortie female babies.

Maud ❤️ TBA

Our amazing lynx beauty with the softest bunny fur and sweetest personality will for sure give us stunning babies.

This litter will have possibilities of lynx babies.


If you are If interested in some specific combination please contact us.