Breeding Plans

Exciting plans for 2022/-23

If our youngsters develop as expected, they will join our breeding programme once they are ready.


Our breeding programme can produce the following options:

Seals: Seal Bicolor, Seal Lynx Bicolor, Seal Mitted, Seal Lynx Mitted, Seal Colorpoint and Seal Lynx Colorpoint

Blues: Blue Bicolor, Blue Lynx Bicolor, Blue Mitted and Blue Colorpoint

Reds: Red Bicolor, Red Lynx Bicolor, Red Mitted, Red Lynx Mitted, Red Colorpoint and Red Lynx Colorpoint

Seal Torties: Seal Tortie Bicolor, Seal Tortie Lynx Bicolor, Seal Tortie Mitted, Seal Tortie Lynx Mitted, Seal Tortie Colorpoint and Seal Tortie Lynx Colorpoint


DK*Cat2Be X-Men’s Phoenix (RAG n)


(N) Azzi’s Torres (RAG n04 21)



We plan for Phoenix to have her second litter this year.

Phoenix has the most silky coat with absolutely no matting. She has a long body and her pedigree consists of many good old bloodlines and she passes many good traits to her offspring.

Torres is a very sweet cat with a nice look. He has a good profile with a strong chin and a long strong body. Furthermore his pedigree has many interesting ragdolls in it, and he has given us some really nice offspring.

Both Phoenix and Torres are from lines that need time to mature.

This litter will have possibilities of seal and blue colorpoint and mitted, with or without lynx.

Restriction from breeder of Phoenix so no off-springs to be sold to Denmark and Italy in one generation from this litter (two generations from Phoenix).


Ruykirags Clementine (RAG e04)


(N) Azzi’s Torres (RAG n04 21)

Our absolutely beautiful and stunning tortie Clementine will for sure give us confident and stunning beautiful kittens. Can’t wait to welcome her first litter.

Clementine and Torres are a perfect match as they fulfill each others strong and less strong sides.

This litter will have possibilities of red, cream, seal or blue males and seal, blue, seal tortie or blue tortie females.

This litter will have possibilities of colorpoint, mitted or high mitted with or without lynx.


NO*Bettmo’s Heavenly Angelica Smash (RAG a03)


(N) Azzi’s Torres (RAG n04 21)

We will repeat this combination as is turned out so successfully with our Nicely litter, and the little singleton sweetheart Ella.

We expect beautiful kittens with superb profile and outstanding look.

This litter will have possibilities of seal or blue.

This litter will have possibilities of mitted or high mitted with or without lynx.

Ella, from our Nicely litter and the first litter from this combination:



If you are If interested in some specific combination please contact us.