Outside Norway

Buying a kitten from NO*Bettmo’s


bulletOur main focus is to breed healthy and beautiful Ragdolls with a loving nature and a superb temperament. All kittens will grow up in our house as a full member of our family and they will be well socialised with kids and dogs. They are not caged and once they are old enough, they are allowed to roam about where they please.

bulletAll of our fertile cats are scanned for HCM and PKD before used in breeding, we only use cats with the test results of normal. Because both HCM and PKD are inherited diseases, we offer a health warranty on your kitten for these.

bulletAll our cats are vaccinated for Chlamydia and FeLV and are tested for FIV before mating. We can run additional tests if wanted, and paid for, by buyer. Because we cannot control the environment you expose your kitten to after leaving our home, we are unable to offer a warranty on your kitten for any of these conditions beyond the general 3 days / 72-hour health warranty.

bulletWe offer a general 3 days / 72-hour limited healty warranty that the kitten are delivered in good health and free of disease and parasites. Because the kitten is exposed to things beyond our control once they leave our home, we are unable to offer a health warranty beyond that time.

bulletKittens will stay with us until 12 – 16 weeks old, based on the individual kittens development. Kittens going to countries where Rabies vaccines are needed will earliest have their Rabies vaccine at 12 weeks, being able to leave earliest 21 days after the vaccinationdate. Pet kittens do ot leave our home unaltered and spaying/neutering is included in the price of the kitten. We spay and neuter about 2 weeks prior to going to their new homes.

bulletIf a kitten is of a good quality we can sell this with breeding rights to registered catteries who follow an no declawing and cage free policy. All kitten sold with breeding rights will be delivered with health certificate confirming no sign of omphalocele or tail kink and for males also confirming that both testicles are in the scrotum.

bulletWe do not offer any guarantee as to how the kitten will develop with the prospect of shows. When referring to ”none mismarks” we follow defination of fault in the FIFe Ragdoll Standard.

bulletOur kittens can be reserved around 8 weks old. When we receive your deposit, your kitten will be reserved for you in your name. All deposits are non-refundable!


bulletPrice upon request.

bulletAll kittens will come with:

  • FIFe pedigree of 4 generations (more generations available upon request)
  • Transfer when needed
  • A written sales contract in English
  • Microchip
  • Fully vaccinated
  • Rabies vaccines where needed
  • Fully insured at Agria
  • Health check no older than maximum 7 days prior to departure
  • EU Pet Passport
  • Be de-wormed
  • Treated for fleas and ticks
  • A small kitten package containing samples of dry and vet food kitten is used to
  • Be sprayed/neutered if not sold with breeding rights