Great results at Østfoldkattens international catshow

This weekend at the Østfoldkatten international catshow Fleur, Woodie and Miss Sixty joined for both days.

Saturday both Fleur and Woodie was Excellent 1 and was up for Nomination, furthermore they also received great judgements. 

Miss Sixty got her second CACIB, with pleasure from the judge. She was Best in Variety – Total, which is her 6th BIV (only 4 more to DVM). She won the Nomination and also the Best in Show panel, receiving her 15th Best in Show. Her 4th BIS after the age of 10 months. 

Sunday Woodie received really good jugdement and was Excellent 1. Fleur also received really good judgement, the judge really loved her, telling she was the best tortie ragdoll he ever seen She won the Nomination  to Best in Show

Miss Sixty got her third CACIB certificate and is now a FIFe International Champion

So proud of all three


All positive health results today

Today Maximus, Mynte and Joyce went to do ultrasound of heart (HCM) and kidneys (PKD and CIN) and a full health check.

They all passed all tests and now we really know that they are as beautiful inside as outside We only uses PawPeds approved veterinarian and you will also see the testresults in PawPeds in a little.

They also got approved on their health check and all got their health certificate for breeding as requested by NRR.

All this meaning Maximus now has a little visitor – so keep your fingers crossed for some little Minimus in 9 weeks time

helseattester MMJ

Finally we have a queen in heat!

We have a queen in heat and we hope Maximus has matured since last heat, now being able to “do his work”.

This is perfect timing as we have sheduled appointment by one PawPeds specialist to do ultrasound of heart and kidneys on Mynte, Maximus and Joyce at Monday August 1th 2016. We expect and hope all looks fine as they all three are from HCM negative parents!

After the appointment we will let Maximus have a visitor for a couple of days, hoping for successfull mating.

If we are lucky we might be expecting our A-litter in week 40 – time will show.

Updated Breeding Plans

We have updated our breeding plans for 2016 and 2017.

Planning to mate our Queens with Maximus once they are in heat, hopefully quite soon. We hope for litters with superb temperament and a fantastic eye color.

We are planning to mate our Queens with Misio in 2017, hoping he will continue his positive development. These matings will hopefully give us litters with kittens with really strong bodies.

New Queen

We are happy to welcome sweet Joyce to our cattery. Joyce is a very pretty sealtortie bicolor with a fantastic profile and expression. She came to us from S*Anamiacats when they closed down their ragdoll cattery. We are really happy for this wonderful gift, thanks to Sandra for this great gift to our cattery.


Fôrvertshjem søkes til Mynte

Vi har lagt våre langsiktige planer for katteriet og har besluttet at Mynte skal ha to kull og så pensjoneres som avlskatt.

Mynte er en utrolig herlig jente som elsker å kose med både mennesker og andre katter. Hun er en katt som ikke krever stor plass og vi ser at hun kanskje ender litt i bakgrunnen når husets diva katter overskygger og krever all oppmerksomhet.

På grunn av dette leter vi nå etter et fôrvertshjem til henne.

Under fôrvertsperioden vil alle løpende daglige utgifter knyttet til et vanlig kattehold være på fôrvertens regning, herunder regnes også årlige vaksinasjoner og besøk hos veterinær. Vi vil bekoste forsikring og alle utgifter knyttet til parring, fødsel og avl. Når Mynte har hatt sine to kull vil hun bli kastrert og fôrverten vil overta eierskapet på henne.

Hvis du har anledning, og lyst, til å ønske Mynte velkommen som et fullverdig familiemedlem som fôrvertshjem, kan du som første kontakt sende en mail ( med en liten beskrivelse av deg selv.

Miss Sixty Best In Show

Sunday at the VÄK catshow Mynte got her CAC certificate and she was up for the Nomination to Best In Show Panel but lost to Miss Sixty.

Miss Sixty got her CACIB certificate and was Nominated to Best In Show. She won the panel and took her 14th Best In Show. Her third BIS after the age of 10 months.

So extremely happy and proud of these two girls✨❤️✨


Photo Kerstin Zimmerman

Upcoming show this weekend

After Miss Sixty having relaxed and matured at home for more than six months the plan is to bring her to some shows, hoping for three certificate CACIB and the International Champion (IC) title.

Mynte has been relaxing and maturing for four months and whilst waiting for Maximus being ready to mate her, we will bring her to some shows. Hoping for three certificate CAC and the Champion (CH) title.

First show will be upcoming Sunday in Karlstad, Sweden. Tomorrow we will prepare more for the show by washing both girls.

Really looking forward spending time in the showhall with my two princesses❤️


New website up running

Our new website is now up running! So happy with the new design and hope my WordPress skills will improve rapidly?

Many thanks to Michelle for fantastic good service!