New year full of new opportunities

We welcome the new year 2021 and looks forward to what it will bring us.

We have new youngsters bringing both tortie back to our breeding programme in addition to adding new blood lines. We have got the lines from our stud (N)Aakres RagPride Whaat by his son Luka Bettmos joining us. Luka is a sweet and pretty seal bicolor with same nice coat as his father but also a better eye color. Our new girls will be a perfect match with our studs, hopefully also our young keeper boy from Mette and Torres.

Congratulations to our Adorable litter turning 4 years

We congratulate our Adorable litter with their 4th birthday today.

Sire: Misio Ameleony*PL

Dam: S*Jörgårdens TN Astrum Joyce

We still have the line after Misio with us in our breeding programme and are super happy with the look, eye-color and big size we have contributed with!

His son NO*Bettmo’s Adorable Tyler?

Welcome to our Joyful litter

Today sweet Phoenix gave birth to our Joyful litter. This litter was not planned or approved by us, but the combination will for sure give us beautiful kittens.

Our Irresistible Secco is growing and really enjoying having the milk bar all by itself.

Welcome to our Irresistible litter

Rachel gave birth to a big girl on July 25th. First time we have only one kitten, but with the expected delivery for both Monica and Phoenix within few weeks, the little singleton will have plenty of playmates.

Rachel lives with our superb fôrvert, who did a fantastic job!❤️


Addition to cattery

We have had some new additions this year and we’ll slowly introduce them.⭐️
This gorgeous little bicolour prince will soon come to us from Christa at Vandoll in Denmark. His name is Vandoll Tasty Trouble and he is from the old Vandoll lines. His mother is from same litter as our retired queen Fleur which we acquired from Vandoll years ago and we are so happy and forever grateful for getting theese lines back.?
Trouble is a blue bicolour with stunning eye colour and a fantastic profile. Thank you Christa for allowing this little boy to come to Bettmo’s.?


New addition to our cattery

DK Cat2Be X-Men’s Phoenix

Sweet CP girl with nice profile and very confident outgoing personality.

Thanks to Dorina at DK Cat2Be, Marianne at DK Makesi and Roberta at IT*Dolls’n’Rags for letting us achieve and work with theese lines.

?Dorina Coco Jacobsen