Updated breeding plans

We have revised and updated our breeding plans.

Our youngsters have been DNA tested and we are waiting for their results. When they are around one year of age we will also do ultrasound of kidney (PKD and CIN) and heart (HCM).

Hopefully all tests will come out N/N or normal, being second generation from own lines we would not expect differently.

Mynte will have her last litter. We really love her look and she has the most fantastic silky coat. Two things we will strive to bring on to next generation. We are planning to mate her with a really big and handsome blue mitted, also having fantastisc silky coat and a really nice placement of ears. This is a litter we really look forward to and we hope to be blessed with a little princess to replace Mynte as this will be her last litter before ownership will be transferred to her loving host family.💕



New Prince at NO*Bettmo’s

We have been looking a long time trying to find the perfect new prince for us to build the next generation NO*Bettmo’s ragdolls. We at NO*Bettmo’s are dedicated to the preservation of the breed standard and producing healthy kittens by assuring broad genetic diversity.  We believe that a wide gene pool will result in healthier cats. Every breeder has a fundamental goal of producing healthy kittens. Beyond this, our primary objective is large size and a loving nature with a superb temperament. We believe that, in the end, what people desire is a sweet tempered ragdoll that is the gentle giant it is supposed to be according to the breed standard.

Our search has now ended and we have been blessed with the most wonderful gift ever. (N)Aakres Ragpride Whaat, a promising and beautiful blue bicolor boy with a silky cold coat and a superb profile with perfect placed ears. He has the most adorable expression and a sweet gentle temperament, and we have absolutely fallen in love with this precious little boy!💙⭐️

We have for many years admired the (N)Aakres Ragpride ragdolls from breeder Kelly Aakres. Especially CH (N)Aakres Ragpride Yoddla, a blue bicolor born in 2013 after the successfull mating of (N)Aakres Ragpride Queen and (N)Aakres Ragpride Baler (Williwonka). All carrying lines of ragdolls we strongly believe will be a good match with NO*Bettmo’s princesses and quee, and we really look forward to see our hopefully future off-springs develop. 💕

A big thanks to Kelly giving us this oppertunity and for being very helpful in the decision process. 🙏🏻🤗


Show results from Smaaleene

This weekend NO*Bettmo`s Excellent Sophia attended the Smaalenes katteklub show.

She received great jugdment from Anne-Gro Edström and was NOMINATED TO BEST IN SHOW.

Sophia presented herself excellent and received one of three wotes, the two remaining cats in the panel also received one vote each. The separate judge choose one of the other cats as winner but we are very happy for the good results and congratulates Sophia and her family with the great achivement on their very first show. Hope to see more of Sophia on later shows.



We have available pet kittens/youngsters

We have spend some time evaluating which adults to be neutered and following that decision, which of their offsprings we would keep in our breeding programme. The conclusion is now made and we are selling thoses youngsters not entering to our breeding programme.

Are you interested in a super high quality pet kitten, please see under Available.

Fantastic show debut for Mette

Mette had her show debut at the age of four month and four days. She was Excellent 1 and Nominated to Best In Show, furthermore she in very strong competition was Best In Variety Total.

We are extremely overwhelmed and happy!

Supert resultat i Vorbasse

Maximus ble Ex 1 og fikk sitt certifikat. Han vant Best i Variant over 6 andre brune bicolorer og vant Nomineringen til panelet. I panelet fikk han samtlige stemmer og vant Best In Show over langt eldre og topp premierte hannkatter.

Han ble i tillegg Best Opposite Sex

NORAK show

Today Maximus joined us at the NORAK show just outside Oslo.

He was Ex 1, got his first CACIB and won NOM.

There were three cats in the panel, all receiving one vote each. The panel therefore were settled by lot, which Maximus did not win.

We are really happy and proud of Maximus

We have kittens

Joyce fødte endelig sitt kull fredag 11. November 2016.

Det er vårt A-kull som alle vil få adjektivet Adorable som mellomnavn.

Alle kattunger er store, velskapte og friske og Joyce er en utrolig flink førstegangsmor.

Alle hadde en fin fødselsvekt og suger veldig fint på puppen etter 24 timer.




FIFe World Cat Show 2016

This weekend Maximus joined us at the FIFe World Cat Show 2016 in Vienna. He won his third CAC and is now a FIFe CHAMPION✨He also won BEST IN VARIETY✨and was furthermore NOMINATED TO BEST IN SHOW✨

We are overwhelmingly proud of his fantastic results!