About Us



bulletNO*Bettmo’s is a small hobby cattery dedicated to showing and breeding ragdolls. This is a family hobby and we aim to produce roughly three litters per year. We enjoy going to shows as we appreciate receiving feedback from the judges on improvements areas and also incorporate these feedback in our breeding plans. However as cat show can be stressing for the cats we do limit the number of shows and we never show any cats while having kittens in the cattery.

bulletWe are dedicated to the preservation of the breed standard and producing healthy kittens by assuring broad genetic diversity.  We believe that a wide gene pool will result in healthier cats. Every breeder has a fundamental goal of producing healthy kittens. Beyond this, our primary objective is large size and a loving nature with a superb temperament. We believe that, in the end, what people desire is a sweet tempered ragdoll that is the gentle giant it is supposed to be according to the breed standard.

bulletRagdoll cats are big affectionate cats. They are wonderful companions, sweet-natured and intelligent. Unlike many other breeds, they stay sweet as adults. Although large in size, these cats do not have aggresive tendencies and, as such, can only be indoor cats. Time outdoor is certanily encouraged and good for their health, however, any time outdoors needs to be strictly supervised to keep them safe.

bulletWe appreciate you visiting our website! Feel free to Email us with any questions! All inqueries can be in English and off course any Scandinavian languages.