Happy New Year!

We are soon to leave 2019, a year with many changes. We really look forward to 2020 and all the new opportunities we are sure the new year will bring.
In 2019 we made a huge revision of our breeding program leading to neutering some youngsters living with host families. We unfortunately had to say goodbye to some lines, we for sure would love bringing with us in the future. However we have kept both females in Maximus’s last litter and are looking forward to next generation from him. Mette was “designed and made” to be the best possible match with Maximus and we must admit the combination came out perfectly! We are now planning for her last litters afterwards  she also will be neutered and enjoying a happy pet life.
We have been given some great new opportunities and will hopefully during 2020 bring in new cats to our breeding program. These cats have been carefully picked, not only to improve the genetic diversity among our cats in the cattery but also to bring in traits we are looking for improving and/or adding in our offsprings.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all! ?