Great results at Østfoldkattens international catshow

This weekend at the Østfoldkatten international catshow Fleur, Woodie and Miss Sixty joined for both days.

Saturday both Fleur and Woodie was Excellent 1 and was up for Nomination, furthermore they also received great judgements. 

Miss Sixty got her second CACIB, with pleasure from the judge. She was Best in Variety – Total, which is her 6th BIV (only 4 more to DVM). She won the Nomination and also the Best in Show panel, receiving her 15th Best in Show. Her 4th BIS after the age of 10 months. 

Sunday Woodie received really good jugdement and was Excellent 1. Fleur also received really good judgement, the judge really loved her, telling she was the best tortie ragdoll he ever seen She won the Nomination  to Best in Show

Miss Sixty got her third CACIB certificate and is now a FIFe International Champion

So proud of all three