Welcome to Us

Welcome to NO*Bettmo’s

A Norwegian based Ragdoll Cattery in home environment focusing on health, temperament and apperance


bulletWe are a small FIFe Registered Ragdoll Cattery in Norway located in Lier just outside Oslo. You can meet us and see our show cats at shows in Norway and across Scandinavia pluss Northern Europe. We are proud to have two FIFe Junior Winners and one Baltic Winner.

bulletAt NO*Bettmo’s we only have a few litters per year and we select our breeding cats very carefully striving to meet the Ragdoll Standard. We believe that if the parents are picked carefully our kittens will have superb temperaments, have good health and will be stunning beauty.

bulletWe focus on the traditional colors seal and blue, with or without lynx. We strive to have mitted, colourpoint and bicolour which give us possibilities to get kittens within all varieties. In our current breeding program we do not have a plan for producing lilac or chocolate. Our first litter was with our tortie queen and we have in 2020 brought tortie back in our breeding program. We also have brought other new kittens into the cattery , hoping they will develop as expected and will enter our breeding program bringing new bloodlines.

bulletWe scan all of our breeder Ragdolls for HCM and PKD. We do not use B Blood queens in our breeding program, furthermore we vaccinate all our cats for Chlamydia, FIV and FeLV. It is a small price to pay to ensure that we are producing healthy and disease free kittens that will be great representatives of the Ragdoll breed.

bulletWe are a closed cattery and do not offer stud-services.

bulletNO*Bettmo’s is a FIFe Registered Cattery and abide by the FD code of Ethics.

bulletOur local FIFe memberclub is Landsforeningen Felis Danica (FD) and we are member of the FD affiliated club, Jydsk Racekatte Klub – stiftet 1934 – JYRAK.